M'KIS Campus

M'KIS is situated in heart of a picturesque suburb known as Mont Kiara. Surrounded by lush greenery, it's not uncommon to see monkeys running around campus or squirrels scurrying across the hallways. Not only is M'KIS visually appealing but it also has amazing facilities.

Parents and teachers enjoy the "homey" feel of M'KIS as it is in stark contrast to the clinical ultra-modern feel of some newer schools. There is a welcoming atmosphere throughout the campus, which is being continuously improved, revamped and decorated (mostly with students' artwork).

M'KIS has dedicated wings to Pre-Kindergarten, Elementary School , Middle School and High School. Our class sizes are deliberately kept small in order to ensure there is optimum teacher-student interaction. Over the past few years, we have expanded the campus to include multiple new laboratories, art rooms, meeting rooms, and classrooms. We've also added a new small gym and we have plans to upgrade many areas of the school in the near future.

With a focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), M'KIS is renewing efforts to become a leader in STEAM implementation.

Classrooms at M'KIS

Spacious Classrooms

Coffee Cube at M'KIS

Coffee Cube

Band Room at M'KIS

Multiple Music and Band Rooms

Theater at M'KIS

Theater to seat 440 people

Indoor Climbing Wall at M'KIS

Indoor Climbing Wall and Small Gym

Library for the entire school

Refurbished library

Swimming Pool - 25 meter at M'KIS

Swimming Pool - 25 meter

Big Gymnasium at M'KIS

Big Gymnasium

Robotics and STEM Lab at M'KIS

Robotics and STEM Lab

Dance Studio at M'KIS

Dance Studio

Design Tech Lab

Design Tech Lab

Outdoor Courtyard at M'KIS

Two Outdoor Courtyards

Climbing Wall at M'KIS

10m Outdoor Climbing Wall

M'KIS Canteen

Connie's Canteen

Playgrounds at M'KIS

Multiple Playgrounds