M’KIS is an International Baccalaureate  World School and offers students in Grade 11 and 12 the chance to pursue the IB Diploma. The IB Diploma is a rigorous and highly-valued qualification recognized by universities around the world. Students seeking this qualification must complete standardized examinations scored by the IB. M’KIS students consistently score above the global average and excel on these exams.

M’KIS encourages all students who wish to sit the IB examinations to do so, even non-Diploma candidates, in order to support inclusivity and the pursuit of excellence among our students.

M'KIS IB Pass Rate vs Global Average
IB Diplomas Awarded28383530213224
M’KIS Pass Rate88% 91%92%100%96%94%100%
Global Pass Rate79%81%79%78%78%78%78%
M’KIS Avg Score34323533333433
Global Avg Score30303030303030
M’KIS Highest Score41444443434541

*Note:  Due to the unprecedented circumstances stemming from Covid-19, the IB Organization canceled May IB exams. Instead, the IB Organization assessed this year's exams using a combination of historical assessment data, predicted scores submitted by the schools, and student coursework. Each student was awarded a subject grade using a calculation that incorporated these three elements. Unlike previous years, the IB Organization externally marked work that is usually marked by teachers, instead of taking samples and applying moderation. To learn more about how the IB Organization assessed this year's IB Diploma candidates, please visit this page.   


The SAT is a standardized entrance exam used by many colleges and universities when making admissions decisions. The test was redesigned in the spring of 2016 to include two main sections: Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW). M’KIS seniors have outperformed global averages in both areas during all testing sessions.

Every spring break M’KIS hosts and intensive 5-day SAT prep program in collaboration with Test-Taskers Singapore to ensure that our students achieve to their full potential on this important assessment.

M'KIS SAT Results 2017-2018
Math ScoreEBRW ScoreSAT Total
M’KIS Average 20176656481314
Global Average 20175275331060
M’KIS Average 20186356241259
Global Average 20185315361067


In May 2017, we launched a comprehensive school survey that is carried out and analyzed on a yearly basis by a third-party vendor. Major areas of the school are assessed, including communication, curriculum, teaching faculty, resources, and student happiness. Feedback is collected from students, parents, faculty, and administrators and shared and discussed within the school community. The analysis of the data helps us to identify how we can improve to better serve our school community.

We have been happy to see improvements in overall parent community satisfaction since the first survey in 2017 and continue to strive for excellence and improvement.

The school communicates effectively with students and parents92%93%96%
The curriculum equips students to excel at the highest level93%94%95%
The teachers at M’KIS are motivated and enthusiastic94%89%97%
M’KIS students are happy97%99%99%
Diversity of the student body is embraced by all97%95%97%
Academic resources and facilities are excellent87%86%91%

2020 University Acceptances

The following university list is based upon student reported data. Numbers in parentheses ( ) reflect more than one acceptance, and bold text reflects matriculation.

Arizona State University
Brock University
Carleton University (3)
Central Oregon Community College
City University of Hong Kong (2)
Dalhousie University
Deakin University
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

George Washington University
Grinnell College
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (2)
Illinois Institute of Technology
John Cabot University, Rome
King’s College London (2)

La Trobe University
Lancaster University
Leiden University
Les Roches

McGill University
McMaster University (2)
Monash University, Malaysia (2) National Taiwan University
New York University

Ontario Tech University
Oregon State University
Queen Mary University of London
Queensland University of Technology
Radboud University
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University
Ryerson University (2)

Seattle University
Simon Fraser University (2)
SOAS University of London
Taylor’s University
Texas Tech University

The University of Hong Kong
Tilburg University
University of Amsterdam (2)
University of Arizona
University of Bath
University of Birmingham
University of British Columbia (3)
University of California Berkeley

University of California Irvine
University of California Santa Barbara
University of Denver
University of Edinburgh
University of Groningen (2)
University of Houston
University of Illinois at Chicago
University of Iowa
University of Louisiana Lafayette University of Manchester (3)
University of New South Wales
University of North Texas
University of Oregon
University of Queensland
University of Regina
University of Saskatchewan
University of Sheffield
University of Southampton
University of Southern California
University of Sussex
University of Sydney
University of Toronto (2)
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Wilfrid Laurier University
York University (3)