The Bilingual IB Diploma

Students at M'KIS have the option of studying for a Bilingual International Baccalaureate Diploma. M’KIS and the IB recognize the value that multilingualism has for students’ global-mindedness, future employment, and cultural identity.

In today’s globalized world, universities and workspaces see the benefit of having certified bilingual members in their organizations. A Bilingual Diploma is viewed positively by universities around the world.

Requirements for the Bilingual Diploma

If a student takes English A plus a Second Language at Level A and scores a 3 or higher they will be awarded a Bilingual Diploma.

English A + Second Language A = Bilingual IB Diploma 

The Second Language A subject can be the student's mother tongue or another language they are fluent enough in to meet the expectations of a Level A Literature course.

This option is taken as a School Supported Self-taught Language (SSSL). These online courses follow the Language A: Literature SL course syllabus. It is supervised by both the school as well as a private tutor to help guide the student through the course. A study hall block will be provided in the student’s M’KIS schedule to facilitate self-study. Students should have an excellent standard of communication in their mother tongue/second language to pursue this option.

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