IB Courses

At M’KIS we offer the following IB courses:

Group 1: English Language and Literature HL, English Language and Literature SL

Group 2: French HL, French SL, French Ab Initio SL ,Chinese B HL, Chinese B SL, Spanish B HL Spanish B SL, Spanish Ab Initio SL

Group 3: Business Management HL, Business Management SL, Economics HL, Economics SL, Geography HL, Geography SL, History HL, History SL, Psychology HL, Psychology SL

Group 4: Biology HL, Biology SL, Chemistry HL, Chemistry SL, Computer Science HL, Computer Science SL, Physics HL, Physics SL

Group 5: Mathematics: Applications and interpretation SL, Mathematics: Analysis and approaches SL/HL

Group 6: Dance HL, Dance SL, Music HL, Music SL, Theatre HL, Theatre SL, Visual Arts HL, Visual Arts SL

IB Diploma candidates must choose one course from each group. It is possible to replace the group 6 course with a second course from groups 1-4. IB courses are offered at either Higher Level (HL) or Standard Level (SL). Diploma Program candidates choose 3 HL and 3 SL courses.