High School Life

High School Hours

School starts at 8:20 am for all students.
Grade 6 to Grade 12 end their day at 3:00pm

Service Clubs and Societies

Here is a list of some of the Service Clubs Available at M'KIS:

  • Caring Initiative for Animals (CIA)
  • Helping Hands
  • Homes for Malaysia
  • Technology Leadership Corps (Tech Corps)
  • Green Club
  • Malaysian Global Outreach (MYGO)
  • Computers for Malaysia (CFM )
  • Green Club
  • National Arts Honor Society
  • National Honor Society (NHS)
  • Thespian Honor Society
  • Math Honor Society
  • Spanish Club
  • Mandarin Club
  • French Club
  • Prom Committee
  • Tri-M Music
  • Femme Club
  • High School Student Council (Stuco)

Bus System

M'KIS runs a bus system to and from school accommodating our families' needs. Buses are fitted with GPS and cameras for the safety of our students and peace of mind for our parents.

Lunch and Snack

From grades 6 through 12, students eat lunch in the M'KIS Canteen. Lunch is purchased a la carte with a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables, and fruits on offer every day. Payment is made in cash upon purchase.

The canteen is open for breakfast at 7:45am every morning.

Students are welcome to bring their own lunch to school. 

High School Uniform

Our high school students from grade 8 to grade 12 wear a white polo shirt and on days with physical education, there is a grey sports shirt. All students wear black pants on normal days and school PE shorts on PE days.

Highly recommended items include a school sweatshirt, swimming suit, and cap. All items are available on campus in the school store.

New Uniforms in High School at M'KIS
High School Sports


The M'KIS swim team is all-inclusive. Students from grade 6 through 12 can swim on the team. Come swim with us and be part of the M'KIS Tigers!

Track & Field

Run like the wind, throw with all your might and jump to the highest heights. Our middle school track and field team is a fun, yet competitive environment in which you can challenge your physical abilities. 


One of the most popular sports in the world. M'KIS has a great soccer line up.  We take soccer very seriously here at M'KIS. It's a sport that teaches a lot of teamwork and pride.


M'KIS has a proud basketball heritage. Our teams compete in ISAC and SEASAC Div 2 and regularly place in the top 3. This is open to both boys and girls.

Cross Country

Put on those running shoes and let's hit the trail. M'KIS cross country team is a group of like-minded students who enjoy getting the great outdoors, getting a little sweaty and seeing what their limits are.


Serve, Spike and Dig! Our volleyball team are a brilliant showcase of M'KIS talent.

Touch Rugby

Multiple winners of ISAC and one of our most competitive teams. These girls are a powerhouse in the world of touch rugby.


We are proud to offer badminton as one of our Saturday school sports. Run by professional badminton coaches, M'KIS has a proud tradition of producing excellent badminton players.


M'KIS has a proud tradition of fielding excellent softball teams. It's a sport that caters to all shapes and size, making it perfect for an all-inclusive school like M'KIS.


If serving aces, mastering backhand shot or improving your net play is something that excites you, then this is the sport for you.


Perfect your swing with our M'KIS golf coaches. What better way to spend an afternoon than on a beautiful golf course in Asia.

Model United Nations (MUN)

What is Model United Nations?

Model United Nations (Model UN or MUN) is a popular middle and high school club that focuses on learning about world issues and working together to find solutions from the perspectives of different nations. This is done within the context of modeling the procedures of the United Nations. Students who participate in MUN reap long-lasting benefits both academically and socially. These experiences build confidence, create new networks of friendship that may last a lifetime, as well as develop real-life skills, such as:

  • public speaking 
  • research 
  • informational and persuasive writing 
  • issue analysis 
  • awareness of global issues 
  • diplomacy and negotiation 
  • leadership 
  • networking 
  • critical thinking 
  • debate and other communication skills
Here are all the conferences that we will be attending this year. Members in good standing are generally expected to attend at least two.

  • THIMUN Singapore 
  • THIMUN The Hague 
  • KLMUN @ Garden Intl School 
Middle School Conferences (high school students may apply for officer positions) 

  • MY-MUNOFS Singapore 
  • MYMUN @ M'KIS 
Students interested in MUN still have time to join the club! Middle and high school are both great places to start the process of building MUN skills. All middle and high students are welcome to become a part of this dedicated group.