Health Services

The Health Office is run by two registered nurses who are available throughout the school day to assist and treat faculty and students should they need medical care. Each student is unique and illnesses and accidents will be handled according to each child’s individual needs. We keep track of student medical forms, allergies, special medical conditions, and ensure immunizations are up to date. Additionally, we keep the students health forms on file, assist with medication administration as needed, do several health screenings throughout the year and offer flu shots in the Fall and HPV Immunizations to eighth grade girls.

Students who become ill during the school day should report to the M'KIS Health Office before contacting parents. Students with a temperature will be sent home, and parents are asked to keep their child home for 24 hours after fever is gone. If your child does become ill at school, we will contact you directly. Your child is required leave from the Health Office with proper release forms. No child may leave campus without this paperwork.

M'KIS has an  Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on campus as well as a oxygen if needed. There is a comprehensive haze protocol in place at M'KIS, which is provided to all families, faculty and staff. All classrooms have been equipped with an air purifier.

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