Early Childhood School Life

At M'KIS, we pay close attention to the daily lives of our youngest learners. Their needs are carefully considered in all that we do and it is vital to us that they feel safe, nurtured, and motivated.

School Hours

  • School starts at 8:20 am for PreK Age 3, PreK Age 4, and Kindergarten students.
  • PreK Age 3 and PreK Age 4 end their day at 1:30 pm.
  • Kindergarten ends their day at 3:00pm
  • There is a morning recess and a lunch/recess time every day for all students.

After School

M'KIS runs a comprehensive After School Activities Program (Free) and School Extracurricular Program (Paid) for our ECE students.

Bus System

M'KIS runs a bus system to and from school accommodating our families' needs. Buses are fitted with GPS and cameras for the safety of our students and peace of mind for our parents.

School Uniform

Our early childhood students from PreK Age 3 up to Kindergarten wear a distinctive yellow t-shirt. All students wear black shorts.

Optional items include a school sweatshirt, swimming suit, and cap. All items are available on campus in the school store.

ECE new School Uniforms
Lunch and Snack

Our early years students have the option of ordering prepackaged meals from the school canteen which are delivered to the early years wings or they can bring their own lunch from home. 

All meals are eaten within the early childhood area at designated lunch tables.