Early Childhood Curriculum

Our early childhood program, which follows the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) curriculum framework, provides our students with developmentally appropriate experiences designed to cultivate social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills in a play-based educational environment. Traditional subjects such as Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies along with specialist subjects including Music, Art, Physical Education, and Malaysian History and Culture are integrated within theme focused PYP Units of Inquiry when there is an authentic and relevant connection.


Students develop healthy relationships and positive social skills through daily school activities as they learn to cooperate with and show consideration for one another.


Emerging literacy skills and oral language development are provided for our early childhood students through carefully planned and real life interactive experiences in a print-rich environment.


Children enjoy multiple opportunities throughout the school day to develop basic mathematical skills and number concepts by exploring and manipulating a variety of concrete materials in small and large group settings.


Students inquire into the world around them by exploring, observing, discovering and reflecting on everyday experiences both in and out of the classroom.


Children participate in daily physical play and practical life activities which are designed to cultivate body strength, hand-eye coordination, cooperation, and water safety skills. Running, jumping, balancing and climbing help students develop their gross motor skills. Children also are able to build their fine motor skills by pouring, threading, cutting, drawing and painting.


Child-initiated and teacher-supported play is an essential component of our early childhood program. We encourage children to use critical thinking and problem solving skills to link new learning to prior experiences. We model and provide positive approaches to learning.