Elementary School Life

A typical day in the Elementary School at M’KIS begins with students entering their classrooms and engaging with classmates and their homeroom teacher in a morning meeting or activity. Throughout the day students engage in our core curriculum under the IB Primary Years Programme framework through inquiry-based and stand-alone units of study, developing their skills and knowledge in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science. Specialists also provide our students with instruction in Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Malaysian History and Culture, and World Language (Spanish, Mandarin or French).

Access to our well-stocked Library collection is readily available and Information Literacy is integrated throughout the curriculum with students benefiting from 1-to-1 use of iPads or Chromebooks. Our non-native English speaking students receive instruction via small group and classroom support from our EAL teachers at each grade level, building students’ confidence and skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Additional intensive assistance in learning literacy skills is provided by our Literacy Support teachers. At the end of the school day, a variety of extracurricular programs are offered to enrich the Elementary School journey.

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School Hours

Elementary School starts at 8:20am and all students are dismissed from class at 3:00pm. There is a morning recess and a lunch/recess time every day for all students.

All Elementary School classes, Kindergarten through Grade 5, end their day at 3:00pm.

After School

M'KIS runs a comprehensive After School Activities Program (Free) and School Extracurricular Program (Paid) for our ECE students.


Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, music and dance. In class, students will learn the movements of capoeira through fun and interactive games and learn the songs of capoeira sung in Brazilian Portuguese.

Clay Crafting

Creative Clay Crafting Program is the latest educational program that enhances the individual’s coordination and creativity. It provides a guided framework for the individual to progress at their own ability level.


Students will learn proper dance techniques and simple dance choreography every week in hip hop, jazz and basic acrobatics where the steps are combined to form a dance routine that can be performed. Classes are conducted in a fun and laid back environment.


Emphasizing the value of play, the objectives of the Active Child and GYMEX programs are Fun-fitness, Sports Basics and Self-Confidence!

Inline Skating

Skateline's Learn-To-Skate™ (LTS) program was developed over ten years since 1999. It is based on the Inline Certification Program (ICP), the most widely adopted standard for inline-skate education programs in the world.

Koru Soccer

 Utilizing contemporary progressive coaching methodology for children that will successfully develop your child in soccer. We aim to provide an environment that will allow the kids to achieve personally and as a group. 


Taekwon-Do, the art of effective self-defense! Let Taekwon-Do help your child build confidence, self-discipline, motivation, balance and good coordination in a safe, professional and fun environment. 

Watercolor Painting

Watercolor painting is an art form that creates artistic representations, using pigments that are water-soluble, and has the reputation of being quite demanding.


Welcome to the wonderful world of LEGO® Technic! Kids build and investigate machines and mechanisms with technical parts customized for education. 


Karate is an ancient art of self-defense originated from Japan. The word “Karate” means “empty hand”. The students are taught to use their hands and also legs, step-by-step to do various blocks, punches and kicks.

Bus System

M'KIS runs a bus system to and from school accommodating our families' needs. Buses are fitted with GPS and cameras for the safety of our students and peace of mind for our parents.

School Uniform

Our elementary students from grade 1 up to grade 5 wear a green polo shirt and on on days with physical education, there is a grey sports shirt. All students wear black shorts.

Highly recommended items include a school sweatshirt, swimming suit, and cap. All items are available on campus in the school store.

Uniforms at M'KIS - Elementary School
Lunch and Snack

Students from grade 1 to grade 5 eat lunch in the M'KIS Canteen. Lunch is served in a buffet style with a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables, and fruits served on a daily basis.

Lunch plans are purchased directly from the canteen on a monthly basis. Students can bring their own lunch to school if families choose not to opt for the lunch plan. 

Elementary Sports


The M'KIS swim team is all-inclusive. Students from grade 2 through 5 can swim on the team. Come swim with us and be part of the M'KIS Tigers!

Track & Field

Run like the wind, throw with all your might and jump to the highest heights. Our elementary track and field team a fun, yet competitive environment in which to challenge your physical abilities. 

Saturday Soccer

 Koru's certified coaches have beencoaching children for the past 3-8 years in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States.

Saturday Basketball

Little League Basketball is coached by the KL Dragons Basketball Academy whose vision is to develop and promote the game of basketball professionally across Malaysia. Grades 2-6

Cross Country

Our elementary cross country team is a great way for the kids to get into the competitive spirit.  Our boys and girls are compete admirably in their league, often finishing within the top 10 or better.

M'KIS Elementary Badminton

Saturday Badminton

We are proud to offer badminton as one of our Saturday school sports. Run by professional badminton coaches, M'KIS has a proud tradition of producing excellent badminton players.