Elementary Curriculum

Elementary students engage in inquiry-based units of study through the IB Primary Years Programme, developing their skills and knowledge in all disciplines. Traditional subjects such as Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies along with specialist subjects including Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Malaysian History and Culture, and World Language (Spanish, Mandarin or French) are integrated within theme focused PYP Units of Inquiry when there is an authentic and relevant connection.

Language Arts

Our Language Arts curriculum utilizes a balanced literacy approach, which cultivates reading, writing, speaking and listening. In Reading, students learn how to decode and comprehend text through extensive exposure to a variety of appropriately leveled texts and genres. Daily instruction builds students’ ability to read with fluency, stamina, accuracy and understanding.

In Writing, students are taught to write for a variety of audiences and purposes, experimenting with narrative, expository, and informative genres. Students write extensively on a daily basis and actively engage in drafting, revising, editing and publishing their writing pieces. Teacher-student conferences and small group instruction enhance students’ progress. 


Mathematics instruction in elementary school focuses on providing experiences that are rigorous, engaging and accessible to all learners. Aligned to the US Common Core State Standards and using Eureka Math as our comprehensive, primary resource, students develop a thorough understanding of mathematical concepts while also mastering computational and real-life application skills. Instruction is delivered in small group, whole group and one-on-one settings using technology and a variety of hands-on manipulatives.

Science and Social Studies (Units of Inquiry)

Science and social studies instruction is delivered primarily through inquiry-based units of learning, with students integrating Technology, Health, Geography and History. With the goal of developing internationally minded individuals who care about the world in which they live, students develop their question-asking skills and participate in active, hands-on learning experiences that often address real life local and global issues.  

Specialist Classes

Specialist teachers also provide our students with instruction in Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Malaysian History and Culture, and World Language (Spanish, Mandarin or French). Access to our well-stocked Library collection is readily available and Information Literacy is integrated throughout the curriculum with students benefiting from 1-to-1 use of iPads and Chromebooks.