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IT Coordinator


Reports To: Head of School

Job Summary:

The general role of the M’KIS Information Technology Coordinator is to promote the wise use of digital technology in an educational environment. The position seeks to provide a seamless interface between the classroom or office and the digital technology upon which so many practices are increasingly dependent.

Currently, the responsibilities span these broad areas:

  • Development and implementation of M'KIS's technology planning
  • Management of the IT Support staff (Head IT Support, Aspen SIS Specialist, IT Support assistants)
  • Provision of technology support for the M'KIS community of students, staff, administration and parents
  • As an adjunct member of the IT/IL Department, assisting in the fulfillment of the mission, vision and strategic planning for integrating technology into the school curriculum and daily practices
  • Maintain and update the school’s website, course management servers (Joomla and Moodle) and various custom databases. This role is largely restricted to backend support but may require content revision as required
  • Oversight of M'KIS's local area network (LAN), wireless network (WiFi), external network infrastructure, servers and services

Duties & Responsibilities:

Technology Support

The Information Technology Coordinator supports student, staff, administrative and parental use of technology by:

  • Evaluating purchase requests and managing bidding procedures pursuant to the purchase of appropriate digital technology equipment
  • Coordinating with outside vendors and specialists for the purchase and maintenance of M'KIS’s digital technology equipment
  • Managing software purchases and licensing, and assuring the legal fidelity of M'KIS's acquisition and use of all software
  • Applying and modeling best practices and assuring equity in the distribution and utilization of digital technology
  • Providing workshops and other professional opportunities to staff to facilitate efficient utilization of the full range of M'KIS’s digital technology
  • Normal maintenance of computers, monitors and printers and other technology hardware
  • Being available and willing to offer assistance and guidance regarding the appropriate use of digital technology, software and services
  • Working with various entities (Governing Board, Human Resources, Communications Department, Parent Association) in enhancing communication with the greater M'KIS community

Long-term Road Map and Planning

  • Update M’KIS’s IT Planning Framework to manage and determine IT proposals and purchases
  • Research current and emerging trends in digital technology, and forecast purchases and practices
  • Evaluate and amend the plan annually

Infrastructure Management

Manage the following to avoid any interruption to service and maintain an appropriate emergency recovery plan:

  • Twelve network servers (hosted and virtual), each of which hosts various network and/or Internet services.
  • Network Firewall (Fortinet)
  • Load Balancer (Barracuda)
  • WiFi Management Console (Aruba)

Self-hosted Services Management

The Information Technology Coordinator leads in sourcing, implementing and overseeing the use of these services:

  • Active Directory (Windows Server 2007)
  • Web Server (CMS)
  • Course Management (Moodle)
  • Student Information Server (Follett/Aspen)
  • Database Servers (Linux/MySQL/PHP)

Externally-hosted Services Management

The Information Technology Coordinator leads in sourcing, implementing and overseeing the use of these externally-hosted services:

  • Google Apps for Education (GAFE)
  • Email (Gmail)
  • GAFE Management (Google Admin Dashboard)
  • Device Management (Meraki)
  • Curriculum Mapping (TODCM) Duties as assigned by the Head of School

If you feel your experience is a match for this role, please send your resume and cover letter to

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