Kids Yoga


The Course


  • The physical aspect of the class will focus on stretching and strengthening specific muscle groups, such as core and back (for better posture), cardiovascular workout, hamstring stretch and chest-opening. We will also be focusing on breathing and relaxation.
  • The whole-child development is fostered through cooperation games, art and storytelling.
  • Very simple breath meditations or song mediations applied when we are just alone with ourselves.
  • Cultivating a happy heart and mind with a healthy body!


The Instructor


Ms. Lizzie Lee

Qualified kids yoga teacher from Sun Yoga.

Has been teaching kids yoga since 2005.

Believes that learning yoga from a young age helps in mind developing and also body coordination.

Sun Yoga is a USA Yoga Alliance School, established 16 years ago in Hampshire, England. Today, it has trained over 560 teachers who teach in schools and yoga studios all over the world.


Things To Bring To Class


Your own yoga mats. Wear loose and stretchable attires.